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At Patterson Forensic Psych Consulting, Dr. Patterson provides a wide range of services in the fields of forensic and correctional mental health, from forensic evaluations and expert testimony to correctional mental healthcare system consultation and forensic mental health training. 

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Patterson conducts thorough forensic psychological assessments to examine various aspects of an individual's mental state, behavior, and cognition relevant to legal proceedings.  These assessments provide crucial insights into competency, criminal responsibility, and risk assessment.

Correctional Mental Healthcare 

Dr. Patterson's correctional mental healthcare consultation and monitoring services are designed to help courts and correctional systems ensure that inmates receive timely and appropriate mental health care. We work closely with correctional leadership and line staff to develop and implement effective mental health programs.

Forensic Mental Health Training

Dr. Patterson  provides forensic mental health training to professionals who work in the legal and criminal justice systems. Our training programs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between mental health care and the law.

Expert Witness Testimony

Dr. Patterson provides expert testimony grounded in scientific research and forensic expertise.

Risk Assessments

Utilizing evidence-based assessment tools and methodologies, Dr. Patterson conducts comprehensive violence risk assessments. These evaluations assist legal professionals and agencies in making informed decisions regarding the management and mitigation of potential risks, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and the community.

Consultation Services

Dr. Patterson collaborates closely with legal professionals, attorneys, and organizations to offer expert consultation services. By combining psychological expertise with an understanding of the legal system, Dr. Patterson provides guidance on case strategy, jury selection, and trial preparation.

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